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Features (Características)

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  • Classic Secret of Empire.
  • Max Level: 80 (for the first six months).
  • Advanced Auto Farm.
  • Free Class Transfers.
  • 2 Clients per HWID.
  • Active-AntiCheat and Antibot Software.
  • Full Community Board With All Necessary Functions.
  • Premium Account.
  • Adena Based Economy.
  • Retail Buff Slots (20+4), 12 Dance/Song Slots.
  • 1Hour duration on all buffs, dances, songs, prophecies.
  • Retail Buff Time on summon buffs.
  • Retail Buff Time on Dance of berserker, Song of purification, counter critical.
  • biWeekly Castle Sieges / Olympiad.
  • Auto HP/MP/CP Potions.
  • Mana Potions: 500 MP restoration with 10 seconds cooldown.
  • Free Teleportation around the map (for the first week).
  • Anti Bot / Anti DDoS.

server rate.png

  • Experience: x5.
  • Skill Points: x5.
  • Adena: x3.
  • Drop: x1.
  • Spoil: x1.
  • Quest: x1.
  • Elemental: x3.
  • Raid Boss Experience: x1.
  • Raid Boss Skill Points: x1.
  • Raid Boss Drop: x1.
  • Safe Enchant: +3.
  • Maximum Enchant: +10.
  • All Scroll progressive Chance: 60%, regressive after +3.


    • Normal Raids: 24 Hours.
    • Silent Valley: Daily 09:00 pm.
    • Queen Ant: 24 hours +-4 hours random.
    • Orfen: 36 hours +-4 hours random.
    • Core: 36 hours +-4 hours random.
    • Zaken: 60 hours.
    • Baium: Sundays 07:00 pm (GMT-3).
    • Antharas: 15 days.
    • Lilith: Mon / Wed 22:00.
    • Anakim: Mon/ Wed 22:00.
    • Disabled Antharas and Instanced Epics

                                        For more detailed info here.



    • Olympiad
    • Period: 20:00 until 00:00 GMT-3, fri.-Sat.
    • Starting Points: 30
    • Matches: 20 / week
    • Hero Period: 2 Week
    • Wings of Destiny: +1 to All Stats
    • Siege
    • All Castles, 20:00 GMT-3.
    • Donate Coins (only Aden): 150 per day.
    • Crown: +1 to All Stats.


    • Reduced Song of vengeance to 10%.
    • Reduced Blazing and Freezing skin to 10%.
    • Reduced Chant of Revenge to 10%.
    • Reduced Dance of Protection to 10%.
    • Paladin receive Tribunal Skill and Sacrifice has cooldown reduced.
    • Blade Dancers received Summon Viper Cubic and Rush skills;
    • Sword Singer received Summon Life Cubic and Rush Skills;
    • Shillien Elder and Elven Elder received Chain Heal;


    • TOI Rift: PvP Zone, 30 minutes.
    • TOI 4: 20 Min Elmoreden Respawn.
    • TOI 11: 20 Min Amon Respawn.
    • Reduced Dance of Protection to 10%.
    • Elemental Zones: Added Elemental Shards drop to buy Elemental Talisman (here for more detailed info).
    • Increased Mob Count (Essence Like): Abandoned Camp, Ruins of Agony, Execution Grounds, Death Pass, Alligator Island, Ivory Tower, Sea of Spores, Cemetary, Fields of Massacre.


    • Buffer:
    • In this tab you can choose pre-configured macros or build your own.
    • Nessa aba você pode escolher macros pré configuradas ou construir as suas próprias.
    • War’s Shop:
    • In this panel you can use your Wars Pounds to buy starter packs, recipes, books, enchants, cosmetic and consumables items. Check details at Donate System & Reward.
    • Nesse painel você pode usar suas Wars Pounds para comprar starter packs, recipes, books, enchants, itens cosméticos e consumíveis.  Confira detalhes em Donate System & Reward.
    • Premium Account:
    • On this screen you can check and add VIP status in your account. Check details at Donate System & Reward.
    • Nessa tela você pode conferir e adicionar o status VIP à sua conta. Confira detalhes em Donate System & Reward.
    • My account:
    • This screen displays the status of your character, ideal to always check the total bonuses added to the rates.
    • Essa tela exibe os status do seu personagem, ideal sempre conferir os bônus totais somados nas rates.
    • Services:
    • On this screen, editing features of your character are available. Level and enchant are only available in the beta test version. Check details at Donate System & Reward.
    • Nessa tela estão disponíveis recursos de edição do seu personagem. Level e enchant estão disponíveis apenas na versão de beta test. Confira detalhes em Donate System & Reward.



    • Here you all can play for free. However, if you wanna support us to develop and maintem the server, please consider make a donation. As a reward for who help us in this journey, we offer some exclusive services, items and support. All of them designed to keep the balance of game as well as the fairplay. For those who want support us, the equivalence is 100 Wars Pounds = 1 BRL.

    • Aqui todos podem jogar de graça. No entanto, se você quiser nos apoiar no desenvolvimento e manutenção do servidor, considere fazer uma doação. Como recompensa a quem nos ajuda nessa jornada, oferecemos alguns serviços, itens e suporte exclusivos. Todos eles projetados para manter o equilíbrio do jogo, bem como o fairplay. Para quem deseja nos apoiar, a equivalência é 100 Wars Pounds = R$ 1,00.

      On website user control pannel (UCP)

    • Email change:
    • If for some reason you need to change the email registered in your account, go to the user control panel (your account on the website) and order. A tracking email will be sent to the registered email. 15,000 Wars Pounds.

    • Se por alguma razão você precisa alterar o email de cadastrado em sua conta, acesse o painél de controle do usuário (sua conta no site) e faça o pedido. Um email de confirmação será enviado ao email cadastrado. 15.000 Wars Pounds.
    • Class base change:
    • Tired of your class? You can change the class in your user control panel. Elements, rare skills and certificate skills are maintained.  All the Olympiad points is set to 30 and fights to 0. 15,000 Wars Pound.
    • Cansou de sua classe? Você pode trocar de classe no seu painél de usuário. São mantidos elementos, skills raras e skills de certificado. Os pontos nas olympiadas são setados em 30 e as lutas zeradas. 15.000 Wars Pound.


                                             In game Community Board (Alt + B)

    • Premium Account:
    • VIP status are added to all characters in your account. The bonuses are: 30% Exp, SP, Adena, Double Spoil and Drop chance, 5% Bonus on craft. In addition, VIP account characters don't lose Exp nor drop items on dying (not available if the character is pk). 2500 Wars Pound
    • O status VIP é adicionado a todos os personagens em sua conta. Os bônus são: 30% Exp, SP, Adena, Chance de Spoil e Drop Dobradas, 5% de Bônus no Craft. Além disso, personagens com contas VIP não perdem Exp nem dropam itens ao morrer (não disponível se o personagem estiver pk). 2500 Wars Pound.
    • War’s Shop:
    • Tree options of STARTER PACKS: Heavy, Robe and Light, 1500 Wars Pound each. All of these packs cointains: 
    1. Spoiler


      1. No-grade set with Top D p.def.
      2. No-grade jewels set with Top D m.def.
      3. Weapon cupom to get a No-grade weapom with Top de Status.
      4. 10x Attendance coin to get SSD/BSSD.
      5. XP/SP Rune - 10% (7 days).
      6. Mount Elk (7 days).
      7. Cheer Pom Poms (7 days).
      8. Wars Supreme Cloak (7 days).
      9. NC Hat.
      10. 10x Fire Dragon's Blessing Scroll (equivalent to the noble buff).
      11. 2x Golden Fruit Buff.
      12. 10x Special fruit Buff.
      13. 200x Major Helling Potion.
      14. 200x Warrior MP Recovery Potion.


    • Boost pack, 1000 Wars Pound, containing:
    1. Spoiler


      1. XP/SP Rune - 50% (24 hour).
      2. 10x elixir of life.
      3. 10x elixir of mind.
      4. 5x Fire Dragon's Blessing Scroll (equivalent to the noble buff).


    • Basic material recipes. Each of them 250 Wars Pound.
    • 2nd Job skill books. 250 Wars Pound.
    • 3rd Job skill books. 600 Wars Pound.
    • Sealed Rune lvl 7. 750 Wars Pound.
    • Soul & Blessed Spirits Shots Recipes.
    1. Spoiler


      1. D Grade: 250 Wars Pound.
      2. C Grade: 500 Wars Pound.
      3. B Grade: 750 Wars Pound.
      4. A Grade: 1000 Wars Pound.


    • Armor Enchants (Máx enchant +10):
    1. Spoiler


      1. D Grade: 80 Wars Pound.
      2. C Grade: 120 Wars Pound.
      3. B Grade: 200 Wars Pound.
      4. A Grade: 250 Wars Pound.



    • Weapon Enchants (Máx enchant +10):
    • Spoiler


      1. D Grade: 100 Wars Pound.
      2. C Grade: 200 Wars Pound.
      3. B Grade: 300 Wars Pound.
      4. A Grade: 400 Wars Pound.



    • Armor Blessed Enchants (Máx Enchant +6):
    1. Spoiler


      1. D Grade: 150 Wars Pound.
      2. C Grade: 250 Wars Pound.
      3. B Grade: 350 Wars Pound.
      4. A Grade: 500 Wars Pound.



    • Weapon Blessed Enchants (Máx Enchant +6):
    1. Spoiler


      1. D Grade: 160 Wars Pound.
      2. C Grade: 240 Wars Pound.
      3. B Grade: 350 Wars Pound.
      4. A Grade: 500 Wars Pound.


    • Cosmetics.
    1. Spoiler


      1. Cloaks. See the options on Alt+B ingame.
      2. Hats. See the options on Alt+B ingame.
      3. Agathions. See the options on Alt+B ingame.
      4. Magic Fans & Pom Poms. See the options on Alt+B ingame.
      5. Mount. See the options on Alt+B ingame.
      6. Suits (Coming Soon).


    • Consumables.
    1. Spoiler


      1. MP elixir. 10 Wars Pound.
      2. HP elixir. 10 Wars Pound.
      3. My Teleport Book. 500 Wars Pound.
      4. My Teleport Flag. 100 Wars Pound.
      5. My Teleport Scrol. 10 Wars Pound.
      6. War Essence. 500 Wars Pound.
      7. 10x Pirate's Special Fruit. 500 Wars Pound or Adena.
      8. 10x Fire Dragon's Blessing Scroll. 500 Wars Pound or Adena.
      9. 10x Talismã Crystal. 500 Wars Pound or Adena.
      10. Brilliant Brooch Fragment. 1000 Wars Pound or Adena.
      11. Myterious Potion. 10 Wars Pound or Adena.
      12. 5x Elemental Attack Potion (Fire, Water, Wind or Earth). 25 Wars Pound or Adena.
      13. 100x Proof of Blood. 50 Wars Pound.
      14. 5000x Proof of Blood. 2000 Wars Pound.
      15. 15100x Proof of Blood. 5000 Wars Pound.
      16. 10x Blood Crystal. 500 Wars Pound.
      17. Agathion Singer& Dancer - 7 day. 500 Wars Pound. 
      18. Agathion Singer& Dancer - 30 day. 1500 Wars Pound.
      19. Agathion Singer& Dancer - 90 day. 3000 Wars Pound. 
      20. Rune of Boost - 7day - +1 in All Atributes.  500 Wars Pound. 


    • Services:


      • Change clan name. 5000 Wars Pound.
      • Change character name. 5000 Wars Pound.
      • Change character gender. 5000 Wars Pound.
      • Change name color. 1000 Wars Pound.
      • Change title color. 500 Wars Pound.
      • Expand characters bag  space by 10 items. 500 Wars Pound.
      • Expand characters warehouse space by 10 items. 1000 Wars Pound.
      • Expand clan warehouse space by 10 items. 1000 Wars Pound




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