WarstowN Rules

Servers Rules

1. Be respectful to everyone on all WarstowN platforms (in game, forum, discord and social media). Cases of racial injury, sexism, xenophobia, discrimination of any kind or for any reason are punishable, including a permanent ban and reporting to police authorities.

2. Prohibited the use of bots and programs that automate any routine within the game, forum, website or social media, subject to punishment, including permanent ban.

3. Forbidden exchanges for real money or advantage of any nature outside the game. Punishable, including permanent ban (to all parties involved).

4. We do not recommend borrowing an account, char or item. We are not responsible for any loss.

5. WarstowN staff will never ask for your login, password, email, personal information or items. Never give that kind of information to anyone. It is prohibited to impersonate (pretend to be) any member of the administration inside and outside the game. Punishable, including permanent ban.

6. If you discovered an error, report it to the staff immediately via forum or disagreement. Taking advantage of bugs is punishable, including a permanent ban.

7. Prohibited advertising, comments or suggestions from any other Lineage 2 server or any other game, on any of our platforms. Punishable, including permanent ban.

8. The methods of communication between users, available within the game and on all platforms exist to facilitate communication between players, not to serve as platforms for merchandise / advertising of players personal businesses. Personal merchandises / advertisements will not be accepted through any WarstowN communication platform.

9. Every player must understand and accept that they play for FREE at WarstowN, with no mandatory daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual payments etc. thus, there are no legal contractual bonds of provision of services by WarstowN to the player. When creating your account you must understand and accept that you are not a WarstowN customer, that WarstowN is in no way providing you with a paid service or being hired by you, but that you will be creating a user account on a private server as a favor / benefit made available free of charge by WarstowN to you user.

10. Players who accuse, without evidence, the administration of favoring other players will be punished. Management will not allow bad players to tarnish the server image because they are bad losers. Punishable, including permanent ban.

11. WarstowN is a free Lineage server. Before making a donation, make sure you are interested in helping the project continue and improve. Remember that all resources collected on the donation platforms are used in the continuous improvement of the server, its advertising and maintenance. By making a donation, you are not purchasing any services, privileges or products. The mere request for refound on the donation platforms (regardless of whether it is fulfilled or not) results in a permanent BAN.

12. For all these and any other violations that hinder the smooth running of the game, good coexistence, fluidity in the game and in the communication platforms the staff reserves the right to analyze on a case-by-case basis and stipulate a punishment for those involved.

Discord Rules

1. Follow the Discord Terms of Service.

2. Be nice.

3. Be respectful. Be Responsible. Be Reasonable.

4. Dont attach files or links to offensive or discriminative content.

5. No spamming, trolling, or personal attacks.

6. No advertising of other servers.

7. Sexually (NSFW) explicit content is forbidden.

8. Never send links to undesired software (viruses, keyloggers, malware, etc).

9. Understand that behind the screen there is a real person.

10. Include any other common sense rule related to oneself behaviour.

11. Dont use special characters to change your name in the members list, such as invisible names.

12. Dont evade GM actions (mutes, warnings, etc). Doing so may result in a permanent ban.

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